Seat of Perception

Extra-cultural reviews by synaesthetes, symbolists, and strangers.


Writers, Artists, and Makers:

If you would like to submit a review for publication, or have material you would like us to consider reviewing, please contact us through our Facebook page:

For Physical Product Reviews:
If you would like to send us a physical product to review (such as a cd, jewelry, etc.), please let us know what it is, via the email above, and we will mail you the shipping address of the relevant reviewer. Please note that we are staffed entirely by volunteers and do not have a budget for return shipping. Anything you send us will be considered a donation.

*Due to volume and taste, we may not be able to review EVERY submission. Feel free to email us about your creations before mailing them to receive confirmation of our interest.


We welcome ideas, questions, and suggestions:


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