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Extra-cultural reviews by synaesthetes, symbolists, and strangers.

H. Honne Wells – notes

A one-man electric rust resonator: if he published lyrics, I’d expect most of the letters to be corroded.

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Dust Bowl Fairies – notes

Beneath her feathery lashes and inkwell eyes….harmonizing and pounding with mallet and throat, plucking and pushing with the warp and weft of the Shamaness’ tale, Cooley’s tales summon the beasts of yore.

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Copy / Paste Instagram Hashtags for Art and Artists

Copy and paste these art related hashtags for Instagram to attract more viewers. You can save these to your notes app on the iphone and use on all pics.

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Yael Kraus, Red Angel

Perched between wishful thinking and clarity, Yael Kraus sings like an angel on a shadow binge…

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A long dance at O’Hare

On Christmas Eve, in the late afternoon, having missed a connecting flight and awaiting a new departure, for three hours I was becalmed at O’Hare. I hadn’t slept in over … Continue reading

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“PIN-TERESTING” ARTISTS:Enter now to win a featured artist interview on artfairnyc.comHOW TO ENTER THE ART CONTEST:1. Upload an original piece of art …

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How Instagram can get YOUR ART featured in an exclusive online interview on Art Fair NYC

CALL FOR ART. The winning artist will be invited to be our next featured online artist! Got Instagram?
Yes = You Can Enter

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