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Free Twitter Background Design Template for Photoshop


Click the image above to download our free Twitter Background Layout Design Template for Photoshop (psd format) (from our google drive), or read on for further instructions.

This is the same template we used to design our twitter background, so you can go see how well it works before you make yours.

And while you’re there, you can follow us for more Art Fair NYC news, contests, updates, and ideas you can use to share your more effectively art across social media platforms.


Twitter pages have been notoriously difficult for people to design successfully in recent years.  This is mainly due to the fluid width, which causes the position of the tweet area to shift depending on the viewer’s screen.  Luckily, there is now a very simple guideline to use that will allow you to create an attractive background.

The average screen resolution used these days is 1366 pixels wide, so your best bet is to design for this resolution.

All you have to do is download and open this Free Twitter Background Design Template for Photoshop, edit the blank layer, then remember to hide all the layers you don’t want showing before saving your beautiful new design as a .jpg and uploading to your twitter profile.

Did you use this template to make a fabulous twitter background design?  Let us know, and post a link to your profile in the comments below or on our Facebook page here.  We’d love to follow you and keep in touch.


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