Seat of Perception

Extra-cultural reviews by synaesthetes, symbolists, and strangers.

Waking on the train to New York City

Hudson train crop

Soaring south beside the Hudson, thinking of S. and the unexpected, unsuspected, spontaneous ceremonies of sanctification, an anointing of pathways, of door jambs, I wonder that four goddesses glimpsed after long travel, glimpses sealed with a single parting kiss, might form a gateway that leads to another years on. What strange gravity spirits have, that we pull one another into such orbits. Ghosts at dance, we join hands and briefly make a shape, which lingers not save in the pathways invisibly unrolling beneath a few pathfinding feet, that dance, carrying aloft hands, that join and join, making shapes, sigils on the doorposts of another irreplaceable dawn.

Ron Drummond, 5/19/07


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