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Mystery Skulls (or, I Confess To Missing MGMT)

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Pump Up The Volume Here:  Mystery Skulls – “Money”

Do you remember MGMT?  Oracular Spectacular was such a killer album, but since their follow-up (Congratulations) was such a massive misstep I will forgive you for not remembering them.  I miss them, though; or, rather, I miss what they used to be: a huge-sounding party stuffed into an electro-pop album, guaranteed to get the body moving and the mind shutting off.    So when an EP like Mystery Skulls crosses across my Secret Music Device I tend to sit up and pay attention.  If you’re looking for originality, this isn’t it.  It distills its influences in such a ridiculously proficient way, though, that it doesn’t matter that you’ve vaguely heard it before.  It operates on its own level of the brain, somewhere below conscious thought.


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